Be A Champion

September 14, 2012 1 comment

So life wasn’t on the bright side recently and motivation is what I needed.

Standing in the hall of fame
And the world’s gonna know your name
Cause you burn with the brightest flame
And the world’s gonna know your name
And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame

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Protected: …and My Heart Says

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Life Partner

September 10, 2012 Leave a comment

So everyone tends to hide their weaknesses and show their very best in front of the person they have a crush on. As time goes by, somehow our bad attitude will slowly surface one after another, to a point that our partner starts to think that we have changed. That’s when problem started to arise cause out of sudden when someone revealed their true attitude, we have a hard time to tune in to it. In a lot cases, it ended up in broken relationship.

Well, I admit that me myself tends to hide my bad attitude in the early stage of relationship too. But me being me, it always surface out super duper fast. Not going to write a very long description here but I am thankful that me and the WiFe are the kind that dig nose and burp loud loud in front of each other, and we are happy that way!

I had a great time today and to my dear WiFe, please drink more water okay!

Blessed to have you. You’re indeed the love of my life! =)

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of Ups and Downs in Life

So life’s been quite hectic recently, with deadlines and milestones came into game. That’s nothing new. But what makes it a good game is that it involves controlling variables that are beyond my reach. It’s a game of the mind.

Just a couple of days ago, I got myself into a major road accident and by God’s grace I am perfectly fine. Without a single scratch on my body. I wasn’t fast on the wheel, but somehow my mind was rushing, rushing from a place to another just to solve some problems on site so that it can meet the deadlines. I do know that certain issues are beyond my control but as my “kiasu-ness” kicks in, I pushed the limit of my responsibility and taking extra miles to make sure things get done. Well, I just can’t take failure. After the accident took place, I was somehow calm and first thing that came into my mind was “Mike, Relax”. I somehow came into perfect sense that not everything can be controlled by me no matter how hard I try. Just like the break pedal, I press it hard enough and with the help of ABS, the car still skidded due to the “oily” road condition. I tried my best, but its beyond my control.

Sometimes we have all the knowledge and skills needed to get something done, but if the environment does not permit us to, we still hardly achieve it. Guess I just have to accept the fact that not everything can be under my control.

Have Faith, in Him.

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of Age, Self-Confident and Fear

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

So… the Girlfriend and I went to Damai Central two weekend ago to take from fresh air and our of random, I took a shot of the picture above – a young child running around happily without a single thread on the body. I took my time and watched him playing along the beach (Don’t worry, I am not a paedophile). He run and run and run, stepping on to sands and the water, collecting every single weird stuff he could find without any fear and without any worries. I started to think, why we human, as we grow older, we tend to lose that adventurous cells in ourself like what’s in us when we are young. We tend to lose confident in ourself and our own ability in doing certain task and fear starts to grow in us.

I wonder, if that adventurous cells never die off in me, how far would I already gone?

Bring back that self-confident in you and start running. Bring out the best in yourself and stop doubting your own ability. You will never know how far you can go if you never give it a try.

Blessed Day.

of Love and Expectations

So recently I’ve heard heaps of sad-love-stories from people who are close to me. Marriage problems, betrayals, wrong decisions… you name it. All these sort of forced me to give a deep thought on this issue of Love, which have caused thousands (or maybe millions?) to kill themselves.

Love, what a big word. As if I am qualified to talk about this topic. Anyway, I have always link the word LOVE with the word EXPECTATIONS. We always hear songs and poems talking about love without any expectations, care without hoping anything in return. But is that really the case in our real life? Personally, I know I always put in expectations in any relationships I am in. For example, when I love someone, I would had hope that she will love me back, someday, somehow. When I care so much for someone, I expect that he or she would care for me in returns, or at least appreciates me. Aren’t all these expectations?

Read on only if you agree with my statements above.

Expectations varies from case to case, and it will never be a fair case. We can put in tonnes of expectations in one relationship but less in the next. But I dare to say that one thing is constant, expectation grows. Imagine that you got a crush on a girl and you hope that one day she will notice you, and not crush your heart. Soon after she starts to notice you, you put in hope that someday she would give you a little chance to be with her. So now you two are together, you expect her to be loyal to you, to reply your messages, to say “I love you” everyday…and the list goes on. Soon as she fulfilled all these, your expectations grow bigger and expect her to tell you before she went out with friends. This would further develop to tell you who she is going out with and where are they heading to. Lastly, you would expect her to get your permission before she went out with friends. So what happen to the “I only hope that you will give me a chance, that’s all”? Oh humans… (I know the girlfriend will use what I write here to backfire me, hahaha!)

From my observations and experiences, expectation grows in relative of its fulfilment. It increases themselves as soon as the former are fulfilled. That explained why our expectations tends to be less when we are in some unhappy relationships. I’ve seen a friend of mine whose partner was far from homeland. All what my friend expect from the partner was just to meet up whenever there’s a chance and that he would be safe and sound. My friend never care how the partner treated her, just a little good deed would makes her flew to the moon and forget about all what is bad. But were just wondering, how long would this low expectation stays? Unless they are forever in this long distance relationship.

Judging by what I myself wrote here, I start to realise that the girlfriend sort of fulfilled almost all my expectations on her. Cause now my expectations went on to the highest level: Expect her to know what I am expecting. Man, now I feel bad. But nah, that shows that how good she is, that is why I would put in such expectation, right? Hahaha… she is indeed a great blessing for me.

Peace out.

With all my blessings…

So it is a fact that friends come and go in our life, but I am very proud to call some of them my brothers. I pray that God will always be with you as you sail through every heights in Miri. Looking forward to work with you again, in two years time.

My team-mate, comrade and brother.

With Love,

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