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of Ups and Downs in Life

So life’s been quite hectic recently, with deadlines and milestones came into game. That’s nothing new. But what makes it a good game is that it involves controlling variables that are beyond my reach. It’s a game of the mind.

Just a couple of days ago, I got myself into a major road accident and by God’s grace I am perfectly fine. Without a single scratch on my body. I wasn’t fast on the wheel, but somehow my mind was rushing, rushing from a place to another just to solve some problems on site so that it can meet the deadlines. I do know that certain issues are beyond my control but as my “kiasu-ness” kicks in, I pushed the limit of my responsibility and taking extra miles to make sure things get done. Well, I just can’t take failure. After the accident took place, I was somehow calm and first thing that came into my mind was “Mike, Relax”. I somehow came into perfect sense that not everything can be controlled by me no matter how hard I try. Just like the break pedal, I press it hard enough and with the help of ABS, the car still skidded due to the “oily” road condition. I tried my best, but its beyond my control.

Sometimes we have all the knowledge and skills needed to get something done, but if the environment does not permit us to, we still hardly achieve it. Guess I just have to accept the fact that not everything can be under my control.

Have Faith, in Him.

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