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Life Partner

So everyone tends to hide their weaknesses and show their very best in front of the person they have a crush on. As time goes by, somehow our bad attitude will slowly surface one after another, to a point that our partner starts to think that we have changed. That’s when problem started to arise cause out of sudden when someone revealed their true attitude, we have a hard time to tune in to it. In a lot cases, it ended up in broken relationship.

Well, I admit that me myself tends to hide my bad attitude in the early stage of relationship too. But me being me, it always surface out super duper fast. Not going to write a very long description here but I am thankful that me and the WiFe are the kind that dig nose and burp loud loud in front of each other, and we are happy that way!

I had a great time today and to my dear WiFe, please drink more water okay!

Blessed to have you. You’re indeed the love of my life! =)

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