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So Long, Partner!

March 20, 2012 Leave a comment

So I used to own a Blackberry Bold 9700 and without any doubt it is a great piece of smartphone. I couldn’t deny that it is far better than my Iphone 4 if business is concerned.¬† Of cause, it is my personal view. Period.

Anyway, after a long thoughts, I had made¬† up my mind to sale it off. For a simple reason – Maxis BIS plan is comes with a “luxurious” price tag! For RM 40.00 per month (on top of my RM30.00 call plan), Maxis equiped its users with BIS and wap services worth 250mb per month. Digi offers a more affordable package of RM10 per month for BIS and RM20 for BES but I have no attention to switch to Digi as the 3G coverage in Sarawak is still very limited. Futhermore, Digi’s signal can be very unstable at times . By the way, I still have another year of contract with Digi’s iDigi plan for my Iphone. *SIGH*

What ever it is, I’d already sold off my Bold 2 to a petite young lady. Hope that it will serve the new owner well. So long, partner!


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of Egos and Living

So its has been raining here in KL for the past two hour and I’m spending my night sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea here in Gloria Jean’s, Bukit Bintang. Of cause, I do what I do best – observing people. I do not know why I have this boring hobby but I can seriously sit alone at some cafe and observe people for hours… Weird huh?

Anyway, there was this one Indian man caught my attention. In midst of heavy rain, this man was running around with his body soaking wet selling umbrellas. I saw him being rejected time after time by people he approached but he never gave up. I saw a group of youngster teasing and laughed at him but yet he never stop his search for customers too! If I were in his shoes, I would had run away and hide…egos!

I had always put a very high respect to people (especially young or middle age man) who can put down their egos and walk around the street, coffee shops to sale some fruits, cakes, or even umbrella like what we have here.(Of cause, excluding those guys walking around selling stolen mobile phones or other illegal goods.) Some of them have a normal day-job and some of them might be jobless. But all of them do this just to put food on the table for family or themselves… I can’t help but to feel blessed for what God blessed me with, although I am not rich like Bill Gates, but I don’t have to earn a living like them. …I just respect them.

Father Lord, I thank You for Your abundant blessings on my and my family. I thank You that You always take good care of us and make sure there’s food on our table. Father Lord, I uphold all these people who willing to put down their egos to find a living. Bless them. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Vege Soup – Level: Luxurious

So the girlfriend and I were having our humble lunch at Mid-Valley Food Junction. Due to the hot weather, I opted for vege soup from this Yong Tau Foo store. Out of my expectation, it cost me RM15.90 for that few pieces of vegetables! Oh…how much I love Kuching!

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Of AirAsia and Business Strategy

So I just got myself checked-in through AirAsia mobile check in kiosk and guess what, they actually separate the girlfriend and me although we booked together under same booking number. Guess its their business strategy to indirectly force passenger to pay for the “choose a seat” service. Oh well… Brilliant mind working for them I suppose.

Have a blessed day ahead!

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