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of Age, Self-Confident and Fear

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

So… the Girlfriend and I went to Damai Central two weekend ago to take from fresh air and our of random, I took a shot of the picture above – a young child running around happily without a single thread on the body. I took my time and watched him playing along the beach (Don’t worry, I am not a paedophile). He run and run and run, stepping on to sands and the water, collecting every single weird stuff he could find without any fear and without any worries. I started to think, why we human, as we grow older, we tend to lose that adventurous cells in ourself like what’s in us when we are young. We tend to lose confident in ourself and our own ability in doing certain task and fear starts to grow in us.

I wonder, if that adventurous cells never die off in me, how far would I already gone?

Bring back that self-confident in you and start running. Bring out the best in yourself and stop doubting your own ability. You will never know how far you can go if you never give it a try.

Blessed Day.


With all my blessings…

So it is a fact that friends come and go in our life, but I am very proud to call some of them my brothers. I pray that God will always be with you as you sail through every heights in Miri. Looking forward to work with you again, in two years time.

My team-mate, comrade and brother.

With Love,

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On the Same Ship

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

So my life has been quite challenging recently with random challenges hit on me – career, financial, relationship etc. Stressed out at times, but I know God is in control.

Anyway, I believe most of us ever come across issues where conflicts stirred up in between colleagues, friends, couples, or even among family members. Well, me too, were caught in between such issues. A lot of it.

Couple of days ago I went kayaking with a few of my colleagues and while busy doing photo-shooting, I observed this little scene that caused me to think – one of my colleague were having fun kayaking together with his wife. Half way through, the wife got tired and rested her paddle which caused the kayak to be unstable for a while. It tilted to left and right. But my colleague did not just stop there, but continue to paddle at his best. Soon after, he got his rhythm back and once again the kayak was able to move forward smoothly. Couple of minutes later, the wife gained back her energy and she start paddle again, and they manage to move faster than before! Let just say if my colleague were to make a fuss about the situation, or maybe got angry with the wife for stop paddling. I am sure that they will ended up being stagnant in the middle of the pond, or even worst – ended up falling into the pond.

A lot of time in life, we put expectations in others. We expect everyone to contribute the same amount as we are. We expect everyone to put in the same effort as we are. And when one party failed to do so, we start to think that life is not fair. Start to complain that why do we have to put in more effort than the others. Soon before we knew it, we ourself stop putting in effort cause we think it is not fair. And hence, the whole structure collapsed. But if we were to endure that short period of time, and continue to put in our effort to make things right, I believe we will all ended up going on smoothly again!

Why fight, when we know we are on the same boat?

Patiently Waiting

August 1, 2011 3 comments

Blessed Day people! So I always drive by Jalan Tabuan while on the way back from work and this doggie caught my attention. Unlike those stray doggies that we normally see on the road, this particular one were not running around looking for food, but had always been sited at the same position and seem to be waiting for something. With high hope in the eyes. It reminds me of the infamous Hachiko.

It just makes me think. Why doggies can have such great patient and high hope, and I get fed up and impatient easily. I guess that is something that I need to learn, from a creature much lesser-smart than me.

Wish you all (and me) a great August ahead!